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My Affiliate Summit Experience

Earlier in January I had the opportunity to attend the Affiliate Summit West conference. It took place, as is customary, in Las Vegas. For those who haven’t heard of this conference, Affiliate Summit is the premiere event in affiliate marketing, with thousands of people in attendance at either of its two yearly iterations (West and East).

Everybody has heard of Las Vegas, so I won’t dwell too much on the location itself. It was my first time there however, so I was eagerly anticipating my visit and curious to see what sin city actually looked and felt like. To sum it up quickly, I loved the place. Although most of my time was spent at the conference, I made the most of my evenings to walk up and down the strip. Each hotel in Vegas is an attraction in itself, amazing food abounds and I also got the chance to watch an impeccable performance from Celine Dion. On the final day, I also took a trip out to the Grand Canyon, which needless to say was an experience in itself.

Lets move on to the conference itself. This was the biggest event I’ve ever attended, and I was impressed with the organization first and foremost. It’s not easy to get everything running smoothly when you’ve got 5,000 people converging for an intensive three-day experience.

Checking in at Affiliate Summit West

Checking in at Affiliate Summit West

But I’ve got nothing but praise for the organizers. The location (Paris Las Vegas) was ideal and the sessions were perfectly timed. Amazingly enough, the Internet connection held up pretty well most of the time, considering the extreme load it was being subjected to. Frequent updates could be found on the Affiliate Summit website, notifying attendees about the parties being held on each day, as well giving quick access to resources such as the slides used in every session.

At Affiliate Summit I met a few top players in the WordPress niche, including my friends from WP Engine and SiteGround, who host the sites of my two main businesses WP Mayor and WP RSS Aggregator respectively. It’s always inspirational to discuss with like minded individuals, and now that I’m back home in Playa del Carmen, I’ve got quite a long to-do list as a result.

I also made it a point to attend all the sessions, and I must say that I found each and every one of them to be of a very high standard. The speakers were very well prepared, and showed their mastery of the subject not only through their presentation but also in the way they answered to the audience’s questions at the end of the session.

There were at least two parties on each day of the conference, and they were the perfect occasion to unwind and meet people in a casual setting.

With my friend Austin from WP Engine

With my friend Austin from WP Engine

All in all I definitely don’t regret going to Affiliate Summit West, and look forward to attending other events in the next years.

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Jean Galea is an online entrepreneur focusing on the WordPress niche. He is the founder of WP Mayor and WP RSS Aggregator.


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