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Where to Learn About Podcasting

Podcasting can be an amazing way to build a better connection with your audience, as well as gain super valuable industry contacts (for example by conducting interviews). If you’re new to the world of podcasting however it can seem a bit daunting as there are a lot of details you need to get right in order to make sure that your podcast is professional and successful. Here are the top resources I’ve found on the subject of Podcasting:

Podcast Answer Man


The home of Cliff Ravenscraft, a well known podcast producer with tons of experience. You will find everything you need here, and Cliff also sells podcasting hardware packages, handy if you’re in the US and don’t want to spend time researching the different hardware options out there. His whole site is a podcasting resource, but you can start off with his dedicated set of how to videos.

Pat Flynn’s Podcasting Guide

pat flynn

Perfect for those who are just starting out, Pat Flynn is absolutely killing it with his podcast, and he spells things out very nicely in this set of videos about how to get started with podcasting.

John Lee Dumas’ Podcasters Paradise

podcasters paradise

John Lee Dumas is one of my favourite podcast hosts and he amazingly releases one podcast a day. He has a free weekly webinar which you can join, and from there you can also subscribe to become a full paid up member of his podcasting community, where you can continue asking questions and learning.

Jeff Sanders’ Podcasting 101

This is a post containing some useful resources and Jeff’s journey in starting his podcast.

Hope you find these resources useful. Let me know if I’ve missed out on any others!

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  1. Excellent list Jean! I used both Cliff and Pat as stellar examples when I launched my show. Their videos are great.

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